Indiana District Directors:


Hellooooo, GWRRA Indiana and Region D !

We are Ray and Melinda Faber from Chapter K, Lafayette, In., as we reside in Crawfordsville, IN. We are the New District Directors for Indiana as of the Fall Officers meeting on October 10th. We are humbled by our selection and look forward to serving the members of Indiana and Region D.

We joined GWRRA at Wing Ding in Fort Wayne in 2005. We then joined A2, our birth chapter, in Lebanon, IN. As our work schedules changed we moved to Chapter K, in Lafayette, IN., to better accommodate days off. They have honored us by making us their 2015 Chapter Couple Of The Year.

We had twin sons, one of which has twin grandsons and a grand-daughter. Our youngest son has a Helix and attends many events with us, he also enjoys attending chapter meetings and events.

We have been riding together since we met in 1980 at Huntington College in Huntington In. We were married in 1981 and commuted for a few years to Indy on 1973 850 Moto Guzzi LAPD with a full fairing and bags. Great bike many miles enjoyed. With birth of twin boys in 1984, motorcycling was pushed to back burner till they were in high school. The boys had a dirt bike and I purchased a 600 Ninja to ride to soccer games as I was an official. In 2005, we purchased a 1986 1200 Goldwing and then in 2009, we purchased our present 2004 1800 Goldwing. We really enjoy all the time we can spend on the Wing and with our GWRRA family.

Over the next 2 years, we plan to implement, some ideas we have thought of during travels and visits with our GWRRA friends. My wife says I love to talk, but I am also listening. Feel free to give me your concerns and also your ideas as we can use all the help you can give.

The strength of our district is the members and their participation with the chapters and at the district levels. So, we hope, you will continue to help us grow and make Indiana and Region D, better for the present and future members.

Ray & Melinda Faber
Indiana District Directors

Past State/Senior/District Directors:
Name: Position: Tenure:
RAY & MELINDA FABER District Directors 2016 -
MIKE & THERESA ALBRIGHT District Directors 2014 - 2015
LEE & KAY TIECHE Senior District Directors
LEE & KAY TIECHE District Directors
2010 - 2012
STAN & BECKY EGLI District Directors 2008 - 2010
BUTCH & MARGARET MICHEAU Senior District Directors 2007 - 2008
BUTCH & MARGARET MICHEAU District Directors 2004 - 2007
LARRY & JAN MASTERS District Directors 2001-2004
ERIC & JAN FRANSON District Directors 1999-2001
MIKE & BARB RINGER Senior District Directors 1997-1998
MIKE & BARB RINGER District Directors 1995-1996
SUE & DICK MIDKIFF District Directors 1992-1994
MIKE & JUDY WRIGHT District Directors 1989-1991
GALE RAEHN State Director 1988-1989
WIL EARNHARDT State Director 1987
CECIL BOES State Director 1986-1987
JOHN TONYES State Director 1983-1985
JAKE REYNOLDS State Director 1982-1983
PAUL MAYES State Director 1981-1982


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