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Welcome to the District of Indiana MAD Coordinator web page. 

What is MAD?  MAD is an outreach program in GWRRA that Mike Wright, President of GWRRA created.  This program will help to educate the public on “Motorcycle Awareness.”  In an excerpt from Mike Wright’s June 2003 article announcing “A New Division in GWRRA” he said,

“Few of us could have foreseen the increased hazards imposed on motorcyclists in the past five years. Competition for road space is often fierce, especially during rush hours or on busy interstates and streets.  Vehicle operators are more distracted than any of us could have imagined with cellular telephones, concentration on talk radio shows, and stereo systems so loud, outside noise is completely shut out of the inner sanctum within their vehicle.  In our judgment, we have crossed into a new era that will need the cooperation of all highway users to cope with our modern-day traffic congestion.  It is time to expand our focus beyond just our own Member/Riders and Co-Riders.  It is time to take an active role in helping to educate other highway users that motorcycles and trikes share the road with them every day.”

            The main purpose is to have representatives from the Region, District and Chapter levels out there visiting community organizations.  Examples of these organizations are the Elks, Kiwanis and Lion’s clubs.  You could possibly visit retirement communities or local church groups.  Educating the general public through distribution of literature and short seminars will show the public that motorcyclists are human beings just like anyone else.  They are out there sharing the road with the typical motorist.  The goal is to leave the general public with a new attitude and awareness of our fellow motorcyclist. 

            Another added benefit I see is the opportunity for our organization to shed a positive light on motorcyclists in general.  The general public tends to have reservations about motorcyclists given all the “Bad Boy” images they have seen through the media.  Every opportunity we get to demonstrate what a “fun-loving and generous organization” we are will always be an asset to becoming a positive image to the general public.

             Chapter Directors will appoint their MAD Coordinators.  Chapter MAD Coordinators are not officers, but will serve on the Chapter’s support staff.  National has recommended that Coordinators complete either the Leadership Training or Rider Education Division’s seminar presenter curriculum.  Coordinators support Motorist Awareness Liaisons; acquire and distribute MAD materials; develop MAD promotional opportunities; conduct MAD seminars and report, quarterly, MAD activities for their respective level.  Region, District and Chapter MAD Coordinator four inch and 10 inch rockers are available at the GWRRA Warehouse.

            Motorist Awareness Liaisons (Liaisons) are volunteers, other than Coordinators, promoting Motorist Awareness and the “Ride Aware!” campaign at any GWRRA level.  Liaisons are not limited by number and require no unique qualifications.  Any volunteer wishing to promote Motorist Awareness and “Ride Aware!” may serve as a MAD Liaison.  Liaisons are not officers or support staff and require only the desire to promote Motorist Awareness.  Liaisons may participate in the spectrum of MAD activities and are supported in their efforts by Coordinators at the Chapter level.  MAD Liaison four inch and ten inch rockers are available at the GWRRA Warehouse.


Tri-fold Brochures

Here are three brochure handouts in PDF. Download them and make copies for your next MAD get-together. 


MAD Documents
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Organization Letter

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MAD Activity Worksheet

MAD Quarterly Activity Report (PDF Format)
MAD Quarterly Activity Report
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General Roster

Co-Rider Seminar Roster

MAD Seminar Roster


MAD Links

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Motorcycle Riders Foundation: Motorcycle Safety Foundation: SNELL Motorcycle Foundation:

4" and 10" Motorist Awareness Division Patches and Rocker Bars are available.

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