Membership Enhancement:

Welcome to the District of Indiana Member Enhancement Division (MED) web page.

The first and foremost benefit you can receive is “Family.”  GWRRA is an international organization with a membership in over 50 countries around the world and active chapters in Belgium, England, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore and Sweden.  When you join, GWRRA provides you with a “Gold Book.”  If you allow us, GWRRA will add your name to this book.  It is your on-the-road source for fellow members with help to offer.  You can find people with tools, camping spaces, trailers, local information and more.  By the way, you’ll never meet a stranger when you call one of these members.

Of course you’ll receive your Wing World Magazine monthly.  It has interesting articles on favorite rides and routes other GWRRA members have experienced.  In addition it has articles on new legislation pertaining to motorcycles, product reviews, technical information and a classified section that is free to members.

Local chapters are the “heart” of GWRRA and where the Friendships begin.  You can locate the chapter nearest you at this web site, Wing World or the Gold Book.  These chapters would love for you to join them in rides, social events and year-round family oriented activities.  You do not have any local dues or obligations when you join a local chapter.

Rider Education is an extremely important benefit offered because we care about you, your co-riders and family members.  The District of Indiana Rider Education program is second to none and offers seminars, Rider Training Courses, First Aid and CPR classes.

Other benefits are, “Rescue,” the Roadside Assistance Program.  Coverage while on any motorcycle comes with your membership.  There is additional coverage (Rescue Plus) available for you and your family while driving any non-commercial vehicle along with coverage for your motorcycle trailer.  Other benefits include insurance coverage, motorcycle shipping, Credit Union membership, a credit card program, Premier Hotel program and much more.  By joining the GWRRA you have joined an organization that will always offer you a lifetime experience of “Friends for Fun, Knowledge and Safety".


Understanding Your Area Report

Retention Report

Financial Form
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Financial Form
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Financial Form
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 Do you know where to find?

  • Twelve issues of the Public Relations Newsletters   (total of 86 pages)
  • The Proactive Approach to Chapter Formation   (10 pages)
  • A List of Region MED and Couple of the Year Coordinators   (2 page)

  • GWRRA New Member Orientation Guide   (10 pages)

  • Couple of the Year Nomination Forms   (3 pages)

  • Couple of the Year Program Guidelines   (36 pages)

  • Best Dressed Competition Info   (4 pages)

  • Member Retention Program   (15 pages)

  • Public Relations Guide   (30 pages)

  • Fun Activities Guide   (74 pages)

  • Mall Show Guide   (4 pages)

You can find 286 pages of “tools” to help you do your jobs simply by going to the web site:

GWRRA now offers a Health Program through the Association Health Programs (AHP).  AHP has been in business since 1990 and is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.  It is licensed in every state.

When you call, you will speak with trained/licensed representatives from a call center in Kansas to design a package that will meet your needs.  They will not increase your premiums or cancel your coverage due to medical conditions.  For further information, please call the GWRRA Health Benefits Department at 1-888-40-3040 or 913-341-2868 or visit the web site at

Every Chapter within the District of Indiana should select and utilize a Chapter Couple of the Year.  Make that couple part of your chapter staff.  The chapter will want to utilize their Chapter Couple of the Year in conjunction with the Couple of the Year’s interests and abilities.  Include your Couple of the Years in media events and recognize them at all Chapter functions.  Awards are naturally based on what the chapter can afford.  Awards should be meaningful and lasting.  I also recommend you feature your new Couple of the Year in the next Chapter newsletter.

Some responsibilities your Chapter Couple of the Year could provide are:

  • Be your official “Greeters” at each Chapter Business Meeting.

  • Sit with and introduce first-time guests.

  • Membership coordinators, contacting inactive or expired GWRRA members to renew interest in GWRRA.

  • Submit articles for the Chapter newsletter.

  • Maintain the history of the Chapter and Chapter Couples of the Year.

Participating in the District competition is optional, although highly recommended.

To get the Couple of the Year Program Guidelines (36 pages), you need to go to the web site,  Participating as a Couple of the Year at any level is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will give you many happy memories to cherish.


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