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Here you will find information on what is needed to sponsor a class in your area, along with information about the program and scheduled classes.

MEDIC FIRST AIDÒ consists of approximately 5-hours of training that covers  CPR, AED (Automated External Defibrillator), andFirst Aid. The course covers such things as "SETUP" (scene Assessment), "Assessing Responsiveness", "Rescue Breathing",
"One-Rescuer CPR", And Much More
So What is needed to Sponsor a Class ? 
The sponsoring Chapter needs to supply the following:
1) A room large enough to allow small groups to perform the skills on the manikins. (Group size is based on class size)
2) A TV of sufficient size for the Class. (The bigger the class the larger the TV, so it can be seen)
3) A DVD player to be used along with the TV for the class.
How old do you have to be to take a class ?
There are no minimum age requirements.
However, regradless of age, students must be able to completently perform the required skill objectives to receive a certification card. 
How much will it cost to attend a class ?
The cost for a class is a mere $25.00 per person.
How is a class set up ?
It's Easy, just complete a MEDIC FIRST AID class request form, and either Mail or E-mail the request. Upon receipt of the request, a class date and location will be set for the class.
Need further information - contact:

Mike Kadinger.

MEDIC FIRST AIDÒ  Coordinator / Instructor

TX: 765-365-4284

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