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The MEDIC FIRST AID program of the Indiana District purchased it's own MEDIC FIRST AID programs and Equipment enabling Indiana to go to a 12 month training schedule starting January 1st, 2005.  Region D in 2004 donated two corresponding programs (2 each) to Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana to assist in the training & retraining of members that have taken the MEDIC FIRST AID class and are due to renew there CPR / First Aid training.

With the addition of these donated programs, and donations the Indiana MEDIC FIRST AID program has received. We were able to add Four (4) AED Trainer Units (Automated External Defibrillator) to our program starting March 1, 2005.  In order to achieve that goal, the program needed to raise the cost of the Trainers and startup equipment that was estimated at the time to be close to $2000.00 for everything.

It was ask if each Member in Indiana could donate as little as $1.00 to the MEDIC FIRST AID Program, we could reach the goal for providing additional life saving training. During the time that the needed funds were being raised the cost for the Trainers and associated equipment dropped substantially and we were able to meet our goal. With the help of our Members and Chapters we met the challenge in a short 3 months.

We now need to take one more step , and raise the funding to obtain a full working AED ( Automated External Defibrillator) for the District. At last pricing the full working units retail in the area of $2995.oo Everyone knows the value of this type of equipment, and now that we have the training in place, lets take that last step that could save a Life.

Thank you for your continued support, you all can be proud.

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