Meadows’ Rider Education Award of Excellence

Hello Everyone,

The Rider Education Division of Indiana is proud to announce a new award to be given each year to a member of one of the Indiana GWRRA Chapters. The “Meadows’ Rider Education Award of Excellence” will honor an individual or couple that promotes Rider Education.  This award is not a replacement for our “Rider Educator of the Year Award” which will remain to honor our outstanding Chapter Educators here in Indiana.

The “Meadows’ Rider Education Award of Excellence” is open to all Indiana Chapter Members, and they DO NOT have to be a Rider Educator, nor does it disqualify a Rider Educator from being nominated.

This Award is intended to recognize that special individual or couple that goes above and beyond in the promotion of Rider Education in every day life. Nominations for this award may be made by any GWRRA member and should be in the form of a letter stating the accomplishments of the nominee or nominees.

Nominations need to be postmarked or turned in, in person, to any of the Indiana District Educators’ Team no later than May 15th of each year.

The “Meadows’ Rider Education Award of Excellence” will be awarded at the opening ceremony of Spring Wing Warm Up each year.

Below is a photo of the Award that will be presented. There is also a larger Award with room for each year’s winner’s name to be placed on it; the larger Award will be on display at District Events.

If anyone has questions they can be directed to any of the District Rider Education Staff.




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