ERC held in Brownstown
May 2007

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Photograph's furnished by Bill Ferneding, "Thanks Bill!"


The photograph below is of the group taking the TRC held in Rensselaer, IN on June 9th, 2007. Photograph taken and furnished by Eric & Jan Franson. "Thanks" Eric & Jan.

TRC Held On July 28th, 2007

July 28, 2007: There were six Trikers that came to Warsaw, IN. We arrived here this morning at 9am to study the operation of our Trikes. We had a classroom  lecture and discussion led by Eric Franson and his faithful assistant (and wife), Jan Franson. I had just triked my Gold Wing just last year and felt I could use some answers to comfortably handle the way this new type of riding reacts.  So, we found myself, Ed Evers, Doug Sellers, Chuck and Rosie Graybill, Robert Beard,Jr, David & Lois Stevens, and Carla Stiles getting the facts out on the table with Eric and getting acquainted with our trikes.

We recessed for lunch in town (a short walk-felt good after sitting so long) and convened our lessons at Akron, IN, about 20plus miles away for the field work portion with the infamous "CONES". In this high school parking lot,  Eric Franson and David McElderry took us through 10 maneuvers with the trikes resembling the situations we may encounter on the road. Only one of us (Chuck Graybill) worked the 10th operation, which was circling to the right at high rate of speed until the right rear wheel raised up off the ground to about 2inches. He was showing us that the trike (even with the third wheel) could turn over is given the thrust.

We received our COURSE COMPLETION CARD-TRIKE RIDER signed by Eric Franson , so we hit the road for home with a bit more confidence to ride that three-wheeler.

Ed Evers
Chapter E
Anderson, IN

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