Fall Fest 2008

Hello Everyone,

This is just a little note to update everyone on this year’s Fall Fest.  We want to thank all of you that came to Fall Fest this year.  We had a wonderful day and a great crowd.  Around 225 members showed up hungry for some soup and GOOD SOUP we had thanks to Bob and Becky Durbin.

These were the chapters that were present and we want to thank them for taking part in Fall Fest.  Thanks to A2 Ohio, B, B2, C, D2, E, G, G2, H, J, K, L, L2, M2, N, P, T, U, and W.

We want to congratulate our winners.  The winner of Fall Fest “Blind Rider” event was Josh Snapp with a time of 59 seconds and a score of 61 points.  Duane Bothast from chapter L in Richmond won two of the jar games the pumpkin and the M & M’s.  Bill Lytle from B2 in Marion won the jar filled with the peanuts.

Some of the chapters camped at the nearby campground and had a good time.  There was a lot of laughter and fun and good companionship around the campfire Saturday night.

Again we want to thank Bob and Becky Durbin and our great Indiana TEAM for all they did to make Fall Fest such a good day.  We also want to thank each of you who attended Fall Fest this year because without you the members, it would not have been such a success.


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Photograph's furnished by Stan & Becky Egli, "Thanks Stan & Becky!"


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