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Listed below are scrapbook pages which are photographs taken throughout the years. We hope you enjoy viewing these pages and should you have photograph which you would like included in these scrapbook pages please submit them to the webmaster for consideration.

First Aid - CPR Course Region D Rally 2004 Fall Fest 2004
Winter Rendezvous 2005 Horizons Training 2005 April District Meeting
SWWU 2005 Hillbilly Hoot,
Region D Rally 2005
Fall Fest 2005
Quick Start 2006 Horizons Training Held In Valparaiso, IN Winter Rendezvous 2006

SWWU 2006
Photo Page 1
Photo Page 2
Photo Page 3

Brownstown ERC Course
May 2006
ERC/Trike Course
June 11, 2006
Rensselaer, IN.
Fall Fest 2006 2006 Fall District Meeting January 2007 Quick Start
Peanut Vacuum Champ 07 Winter Rendezvous 2007 2007 Nine Pin No Tap Bowling
Rebirth of Chapter IN-V ERC & TRC Photographs for 2007 SWWU 2007
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Mayberry RFD
Region D Rally 2007
Fall Fest 2007 Winter Rendezvous 2008
SWWU 2008 Fall Fest 2008
Page 2
Winter Rendezvous 2009
Spring Wing Warm Up 2009
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
West Side Honda
Wing Thing & ST Thing
Winter Rendezvous 2010
OCP Class
Indiana District Spring Meeting March 2010 9 Pin No Tap Bowling 2010
Spring Wing Warm Up 2010

Winter Rendezvous 2011

Winter Rendezvous 2012
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Winter Rendezvous 2013
Photos by Killey Shuck
Photos by Shirley Gruss

Spring Wing Warmup 2013
Couples of the Year Day Camp 2013
Winter Rendezvous 2014
Photos by Killey Shuck
Spring Wing Warmup 2014
Photos by Killey Shuck
Photos by Brian Fugate
Winter Rendezvous 2015
Photos by Killey Shuck
Spring Wing Warmup 2015
Photos by Howard Pletcher
Fall Fest 2015
Photos by Killey Shuck
Winter Rendezvous 2016
Photos by Killey Shuck
Spring Wing Warmup 2016
Photos by Killey Shuck


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