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Becky Cassitty
Assistant District Educator

My name is Becky Cassitty, I am the mother of two sons and the grandmother of six (3 girls) and (3 boys) and the great grandmother of one (girl). My husband I joined GWRRA and Chapter IN-O in 2010, we have held the offices of Chapter Directors, Assistant Chapter Directors, I have been the Assistant Chapter Director as well as the Chapter Historian.

My husband and I had hoped to retire and travel the states on our 2008 1800 GL Goldwing Trike after we had so many wonderful rides and adventures with our Chapter O family. However that was not to be. In August of 2015 he lost his battle with cancer. One day after my loss I was looking at the bike and made a decision that I couldn't sell it, so at that point I made another decision. I would ride for the both of us. It was then at the (young age) of 66 I obtained my endorsement to ride and have been a solo rider ever since. I have enjoyed many rides and trips with Chapter O.

Becky Cassitty



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