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Chris & Winona Drake
Assistant District Directors

We are Chris and Winona Drake from Warsaw, IN. We have lived in the area since 2001, having lived and worked in New York prior. We are from the mid-west however, Chris from Illinois (near St Louis) and Winona from near Cincinnati, OH. Both our families moved to Marion, IN around the same time in the early 90’s, where me met and married a year later. You would think we were military with as many times as we moved in the early years of marriage. But no, Chris works in retail management for companies like Wal-Mart, Meijer, and Staples. Winona works at a parochial school where she originally volunteered when our children were small. She currently holds the position of Administrative Assistant which keeps her fairly busy even during the summer months. We have two daughters, both graduates of Ball State. Both are members of GWRRA since we subscribe to the family plan, but can’t seem to get them to attend a meeting. Oh well.

We are recent members to GWRRA ourselves having just joined in 2017. We were registered members before we even had possession of our 2008 Goldwing Trike. We spent several months researching and deciding on what we wanted and who we wanted to be associated with. We liked what we saw and have tried to be involved when we can from the beginning. We are currently Assistant Chapter Directors and Newsletter Editors for Chapter-F here in Warsaw. We like to visit other chapters and make new friends during their meetings and events; most of the time we just show up unannounced and join them for the dinner and/or ride.

We feel privileged to be part of your District Team. Our goal as before will be to continue to visit as many chapters as possible, making friends, learning from you all, and assisting members where we can.




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