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Ed & Linda Feldt
District Ride Coordinator

Hi, my name is Ed Feldt. I was born in Lafayette, IN on Nov. 15th 1946. Grew up in the little town of Monitor, which also was the name of my school until they consolidated into a larger one. While in high school I met Linda, a girl from the big city “Lafayette” who later was to become my wife. I was drafted into the army in April of 1966. Got sent to Germany for a year, but while there I came home on leave and made that girl from the big city my wife. May 6th 1967. A date I try hard not to forget!

We have two Daughters, Jennifer our oldest and Stephanie the youngest. Both married. Jen and her husband Jim have given us 8 grand babies. Stephanie and her husband Jeff have given us 4 grand babies. Add it up, that’s 12 altogether. Not bad for only 2 girls.

We also have 4 great grand babies. Jacob, our oldest grandson has 3, but they live in Oklahoma. Jedidiah, a younger brother to Jake has 1. She’s close to home, should be much easier to spoil. And we’re hoping for lots more.

Back to Linda and I. My first motorcycle was a 24 inch bicycle that I mounted a whizzer engine on. If you know what a whizzer is you’re showing your age! Between the whizzer and the Wing there has been 10 others. I won’t bore you with all the makes and models.

Currently Linda and I enjoy putting miles on a 2016 Gold Wing. Our travels on the bike have taken us to both coasts, Canada, Mexico and many places in between. Kinda like the Johnny Cash song “I’ve been everywhere man”, but there are still a few places we’d like to see.

Our GWRRA experience. We’re members of Chapter K in Lafayette. We joined GW in 1996, which makes us proud Life Members. The positions we’ve held are Chapter Director, Chapter Rider Educator and Asst. Chapter Director, not necessarily in that order. We are once again the Chapter Director. In addition Linda has served as our newsletter editor and treasurer. Just recently, while on a trip to WOTS with Lonny and Karen Hunter and Rick and Debbie Warmels we were asked to take the position of District Ride Coordinator. I believe it may have been due to the expert way I was able to execute u-turns while leading a ride. We graciously accepted so Rick could quit twisting my arm. Just kiddin! I think it’s going to be a good time working with everyone on the team.

Ed and Linda Feldt
P.S. the arm still hurts a little.






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