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Rick & Debbie Warmels
Assistant District Directors

Hi, we’re Rick and Debbie Warmels hailing from the beautiful city of Spencerville in Northeast Indiana. We moved to Fort Wayne in 1986 from Jacksonville, FL where Rick served in the Navy and Debbie worked for the State. After living in the big city of Fort Wayne, we moved to Spencerville in 1992 and have enjoyed our time there ever sense.

Our small family consists of four loving (when they want to be) cats. We lost our German shepherd mix dog a few years ago and have not found the perfect canine addition to add to our brood.

Both Rick and Debbie have worked at the same employers since moving to Fort Wayne. Rick is an international program manager for a large defense contractor and Debbie is a case worker supervisor for the State, both working in Fort Wayne. We both have dreams of an early retirement (the sooner the better)!

We started GWRRA life in 2010 in Chapter C2. When they closed shop we moved around a bit until finding our home in D2. After a short time as new D2 participants, we were asked to be Chapter MEC. From MEC we moved up to our current role as D2 Chapter Directors. We ride a white (is there any other color?) 2008 GL1800 with 75K miles on her. We bought the bike in 2010 from a Harley dealer in Minnesota with only 1500 miles on it. We log 10 -15+ thousand miles a year and love riding to Wing Ding, rallies, chapter events, and other great riding venues (Hocking Hills, Tail of the Dragon, Ozarks, Reno, Niagara Falls, The Snake, Blue Ridge Parkway, ????).

As Indiana Assistant District Directors, we’re responsible for the care and feeding of the GREAT Chapters of B2, D2, G, M2, T2, and U. We’ve had the opportunity to visit these great groups of folks in the past and we’re really looking forward to serving them as ADDs.



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