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Ed & Marilyn Bateman
Membership Enhancement Coordinators


We are Ed and Marilyn Bateman from Union City, In. We are assistant chapter directors of Chapter T Portland, In. We have been GWRRA members for 17 years and presently ride a 2009 1800 Trike. We farm 2100 acres around Union City Indiana and Ohio with my brother.

We have accepted the position of District MEC and look forward to serving the District in any way we can be of benefit. Our goal is to assist in the recruiting and retention of members in our District and Chapters.

We also plan to encourage the Chapter MECs and assist them in their efforts to contact new members and retain the older ones. We also hope to have input on planning fun events to keep our members involved and excited to be GWRRA members.

We realize there may be times of our inability to be involved in all the District events because of our farming operation, but pledge to do the best we can. We want to help with the District work-load as well as have fun with the District Team.

Ed & Marilyn




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