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Rick & Debbie Warmels
District Couple of the Year and International Couple of the Year


We are Rick and Debbie Warmels and we’re so proud to represent Chapter D2 and the Indiana District as the 2017 District Couple of the Year. We are currently D2 Chapter Directors (Fort Wayne Johnny Appleseed Wings) and District Rider Educators.

We have been married 33 years, we both work full time, have no children, and share our home with 4 cats. We joined GWRRA in 2011 and while we’re relatively new to riding we have become fully immersed in Chapter Life and all the benefits GWRRA has to offer. We’ve attended each Wing Ding since 2011 and have volunteered to work at them since 2012. We’re booked for Grapevine and can’t wait to get out on the road.

We look forward to each rally and event with an eye out for reconnecting with old friends and to grow our extended family with new folks we meet. We also enjoy volunteering at chapter, district, and region events.

Our goal as your District Couple of the Year is to honor GWRRA traditions and to explore options for the organization for the future.

Again, thank you for this honor.

Rick and Debbie Warmels
Chapter D2 2016 and
Indiana District 2017 and
Couple of the Year 2018


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