Winter Rendezvous 2010
"Island Paradise Getaway"

We want to say "Thank You" to all attending Winter Rendezvous 2010,
 we certainly hope everyone had a super-dyna-whoppn' time. Listed below are the winners of
events held at Winter Rendezvous 2010. Congratulations to all!

Also, "Thanks" to all the Judges of the events and the Chapter Members that lent us a hand in accomplishing all that needed to get done.

Event Winners - Congratulations!

2010 Indiana Couple of the Year: Niles & Deb Robinson Chapter IN-A2
2009 Indiana Recruiter of the Year:    
2009 Indiana Chapter of the Year: Chapter IN-D2
Best Dressed Chapter - Show Class:
1st Place Chapter L-2
2nd Place Chapter E
Best Dressed Chapter - Parade Class:
1st Place Chapter L-2
2nd Place Chapter E
Talent Show - Comedy:
  1st Place Connie & the O2 Gals, Chapter IN-O2
  2nd Place Gilligan's Island, Chapter IN-E
  3rd Place Tommy & the Hon-Dales, Chapter IN-E
Talent Show - Performance:    
  1st Place Lissa Drake,  Chapter IN-L2
  2nd Place Dan Burns Chapter IN-W2
  3rd Place Mike, Richard, Brittine & Wesley  Chapter IN-B2
Best Decorated Cake:    

1st Place

Paul Dettmer Chapter IN-W

2nd Place

Alice Robbins Chapter IN-D
Table Decoration Chapter:
1st Place Chapter IN-A2
2nd Place Chapter IN-B2
3rd Place  

Peoples Choice

Grand Parade Chapter:
1st Place Chapter IN-A2
2nd Place  
3rd Place  
People's Choice  
Scavenger Hunt Winner: Jean Ann Clark Chapter IN-D
Chapter Scrapbook:  
Most Pre-registered Chapter:  


Trike Winners - Congratulations!
Ladies Drags:    
1st Place Sue Purpura Chapter IN-C
2nd Place Laura Gushwa Chapter IN-K
Men's Drags:    
1st Place Christopher Reed Chapter IN-R2
2nd Place Nick Zimmerman Chapter IN-L2
Ladies Trikter Pulls:    
1st Place 1st  Connie Gless Chapter IN-O2
2nd Place 2nd Gina Newman Chapter IN-T2

Men's Trikter Pulls:

1st Place Wolfgang Gless Chapter IN-O2
2nd Place Roger Marling Chapter IN-W

We also want to say "Thank You" to the vendors that attended Winter Rendezvous 2010,
we sincerely appreciate the support.



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